An accessible and responsive website.

With partnerships with organizations like the Autism Society NL and Thrive, it was essential to build a website that followed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Ignite Circus Website

Mobile First Design

The biggest downside of a hamburger menu is that it hides information. Not everyone will notice it and will miss large portions of the website.

Smaller screens can’t possibly display everything in a neat and organized way so we chose to highlight the most important menu items by including them in an app-style menu, vastly increasing their visibility.

Document Directory

A big part of Ignite Circus’s services use visual guides and forms to help facilitate their programs and services.

We created a document directory to provide a central location for these documents and streamline their delivery.

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Danielle Knustgraichen Portrait

I love the new website so much!!! I thought I was being picky with so many of the design elements, but Steve managed to incorporate every element of our brand’s personality into the design flawlessly. I’m so glad I trusted his judgement! The attention to detail is like none other, and the custom graphics really took the design to the next level!

Not only did I get a gorgeous new website that’s super functional and user friendly, but I also learned so much throughout the whole process that I now feel more confident in managing the content on the website and updating it as our organization’s needs evolve too. I found working with Snazzy Creative to be a really insightful and refreshing process and Steve’s passion for high standards shows through in everything he does.

I have dealt with other web designers who claim to be the best, but Snazzy Creative doesn’t make any of these claims. They just do the best work, and let the superior quality of that work speak for itself.

Written July 26, 2021, 10 months after project launch.