A Collaborative Approach

We take each of our clients through a milestones approach to ensure they know what they’re getting. After all, you know your business far better than we do so a collaborative effort always wins. Below you’ll see more details about each milestone with an estimated timeline.

Select your website size

Selecting a project size will adjust the estimated timelines for each phase below.

1. Discovery & Kick-off Meeting

We’ll hold a discovery meeting with you to help you define the goals for your new website. It’s important to identify what you need out of a website in addition to simply existing online.

2. Information Architecture

With our goals set from the discovery meeting we’ll organize your content and craft the Information Architecture. It’s important that you provide the first draft of your content. Text is the most important but images will help with the aesthetics in the next phase.

This process will ensure your content is well organized and easy to find for your users.

3. Website Design

With an established information architecture and the first draft of your website content in hand, we can begin with designing your new website! We’ll work on the home page design first so we can establish the overall look and feel. Once we get your approval on that, we’ll move to designing other subpages to cover our bases with the different types of content.

4. Website Development

This is the longest phase of the project. We work on all of the behind-the-scenes programming and craft the content management system (CMS) for your website. This provides you with the capability to change virtually every piece of text and image throughout the entire website.

5. Content Management System (CMS) Training

Our specialization in User Experience (UX) doesn’t end with the front end of your website. The back end (aka CMS) benefits from the same best practices as the front end, or public-facing site. Our goal is to provide you with as much control over your content as possible without having to worry about breaking things or memorizing lengthy documentation. We sprinkle instructions throughout the interface so you can easily see what everything does. Once we provide access, we’ll schedule a meeting with you to show you the ropes. From there you’ll be able to make your own adjustments to the website content at your leisure.

6. Website Launch

We’ll launch your website once you’re satisified with your website’s content and ready to show it to the world. We have a comprehensive launch checklist to ensure your new website gets picked up by search engines and you have the tools to track its performance.

7. Hosting, Maintenance, & Support

Snazzy Creative keeps current on the latest software and techniques for establishing and maintaining reliable website hosting servers. Our website hosting is provided through DigitalOcean’s Canadian server farm, ensuring adherence to Canadian privacy laws.

Website Pricing

Every project is different and we take the time to work out the details before we get started. The pricing information below is meant to give you a rough idea of where we start with our pricing. Oftentimes a project’s price may land somewhere between these tiers.

Small Websites

Starting at


Most people research companies before their first contact so having an online presence is essential. The small website serves the purpose of a brochure, only digital, and optimized for search engines.

Key Features

  • Responsive Website Design
    More than just mobile-friendly, the website responds to your device without sacrificing form or function.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    With SEO, content is key and we provide the tools for your content to rank high in search results.
  • Content Management System
    Update your own text and images just as easily as posting to Facebook.

Medium Websites

Starting at


For businesses that need a more sophisticated online pressence with more specific and custom needs. We work with you to identify exactly what you need and how to organize your content online.

Key Features

  • All features from the Small Websites package.
  • Lead Generating Forms
    Strategically-placed forms throughout the website to get meaningful requests for information from prospective clients or customers.
  • Dynamic Content
    A great SEO strategy is to provide regular content updates and additons to your website.
  • Some Custom Functionality
    Meet your custom business needs with functionality catered to your specific business. We iron out all of these details in the contract.

Large Websites

Request an


Large Websites, or Web Apps, carry out custom functions to help run your business. It’s like having a digital employee designed and programmed to make running your business easier.

Key Features

  • All features from the Medium Websites package.
  • Highly Customized Functionality
    We meet with you to determine what you need out of your web application and propose solutions to meet those needs.
  • Third Party Integrations
    Larger businesses often partner with other software developers. We can talk about integrating these services into your web application to further streamline how you do business.

Projects will be invoiced in GBP. Other currencies are approximate conversions.

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    Accessible & Responsive

    Ignite Circus offers performances ranging from spectacular fire shows to family friendly interactive entertainment, as well as specialized workshops and social outreach programs with accredited instructors.

    Dunure Labyrinth Branding & Microsite

    driving virtual and physical traffic

    We established a brand expression and launched a microsite for Dunure Labyrinth for the surrounding community to provide visitors with directions and a little bit of history.

    Fresh design for Hülpr

    Website & supporting print collateral.

    Hülpr is a community outreach organization that provides non-medical care and respite to the elderly and people with special needs. They needed a website and supporting marketing materials to help spread awareness.

    JKConditioning Goes Custom

    and sheds plugins and bloat.

    JKConditioning offers personalized training, nutrition consulting, and run coaching. While they already had managed to build their own web pressence through themes and plugins, things were becoming less reliable over time and they needed a professional rework.

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